Guanyinshan: Lingyun Zen Temple to Bali District

Sunday’s goal:



I really want to like the north coast of Taiwan. I really do. But it seems that every time I make my way there, the weather is fucking awful. This time, I was treated to hours and hours of steady rain. Still, any excuse to put my Patagonia hard shell to the test. And I probably would have gone nuts sitting around my tiny apartment all day anyway.

Took the Yellow line to Luzhou and waited for the number 20 bus to Lingyun Zen Temple. Waited and gave up. Took a taxi instead with the fare being all of NT$240. The driver was super capable but definitely insane heading halfway up the mountain to Lingyun. She seemed like she was having fun; I just wanted to vomit.


Like every other “hike” in Taiwan, you’ll be treated to an unending staircase. Not much of it was very steep, and none of it was memorably steep though my ass is feeling it today somehow. Mostly it was just a bit perilous as the stone stairs don’t seem to give much grip in the wet.


Keep ascending. You’ll get some great overlook views of Tamsui/Danshui before you hit the peak, so keep an eye out. Follow the signs to Yinghan Peak.


On a clear day, you can see all of Taipei. On a hazy, cloudy day, you’ll settle for this picture of the Tamsui River. And you’ll like it.


Time to start heading down. More stairs! Fell once, learned my lesson and took things a lot slower. Follow the signs pointing to Bali Ferry to get down.



Not honestly sure why I’m always ending up in cemeteries. Or why I feel compelled to take pictures of them. After a lot of zig-zagging, the stairs end and you’ll join up with a road. Keep following the Bali Ferry signs for another 3km or so.


Guanyinshan is meant to be a good place to bird-watch and I hoped to see my first Taiwan Blue Magpie. I had to settle for this guy and a few caterpillars instead.

You’ll come to a highway and a riverside park. Take a left at the park and walk 700m to find the Bali Ferry that will take you across to Tamsui and the MRT.


A parting shot from Tamsui.

Photos taken on my iPhone 5S and edited with Adobe Photoshop Express on my Surface 3. Sorry about how shit they are. I’m working on it.


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