Photos from Lantan Scenic Area, Chiayi, Taiwan

Xiaoya Rd.

Caught a cab from the middle of Chiayi and told the driver “Lantan”. He said some stuff in Chinese that included the word “Lantan”, so I gave him a thumbs up. 15 minutes later, he pulled over on the side of a two lane road. It didn’t look like much, and it wasn’t anywhere near the lake I was hoping to see. I hoofed it in the 90 degree heat and found the dam.

Near 月影潭心

Kept walking and crossed the dam towards National Chiayi University. Found a load of tour buses and tourists. Also found some benches so I sat there and read for a while to give my flip-flopped feet a break.

On the Trail

Back to the lake loop. Lantan is circled by a series of winding roads with idiot lane-crossing drivers, and without a sidewalk. Anytime there was a chance to get off the street and onto a trail, I took it.

Trail Stairs

Terrible photo, but I’m a sucker for stairs.

Lantan Bamboo

There were stands of bamboo everywhere… including a few fallen stems across parts of the trail. Walking through the quieter sections of the park, the bamboo groaned and thocked as it caught on the wind.


Hello, stranger.

Lantan Panorama

A parting panorama of Lantan from the north end of the lake. I tried in vain to find a taxi to take me back to Chiayi, but no such luck. I walked back instead. My phone said 27km racked up for the day, but I think it was more likely around 20.

Photos taken on my iPhone 5S and edited with Adobe Photoshop Express on my Surface 3. Sorry about how shit they are. I’m working on it.


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